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Who is WACD?

The Washington Association of Conservation Districts is a non-profit organization representing Washington’s 47 Conservation Districts, whose mission is to advance the purpose of Conservation Districts and their constituents by providing leadership, education, information and representation.  Specific goals of WACD are accomplished through legislative activities, capacity building and the work of numerous standing issue committees and task forces.


What is a Conservation District?

Conservation Districts are legal subdivisions of state government authorized by RCW 89.08 to develop and administer voluntary, non-regulatory programs for the wise use and conservation of natural resources in the state of Washington. Districts are governed by a board of locally elected and appointed supervisors who establish priorities and set policies working with their communities.


Conservation Districts are Washington’s only locally driven conservation delivery system that identifies natural resource problems, provides site specific technical and financial assistance, and builds success based on voluntary solutions.


Being located in communities across the state allows each individual district to provide community support to private landowners and farmers, local governments, nongovernmental organizations and commercial businesses. The primary objective of alliances between WACD and these entity types is to support, guide and protect utilization of natural resources.



WACD is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five elected officers, 12 elected area directors and the President of the Washington Association of District Employees.


Executive Committee

The WACD Executive Committee consists of: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, WACD National Director and the immediate Past President. These five elected officers are supervisors on conservation district boards from around the state.


Area Directors

Washington State’s 47 conservation districts belong to regional organizations called area associations. Each area association elects two area directors who serve on the WACD Board of Directors. The detailed knowledge and understanding of conservation districts brought to the Board by these 12 area directors helps ensure WACD policies and actions remain on track throughout the year.


Area directors operate within the by-laws of WACD and according to policies set by the Association. Each area director is elected by members in their area to serve a two-year term. Each area association meets at least annually.



The WACD Executive Director carries out the day-to-day business of the Association. WACD is committed to maintaining effective working relationships with state and national agencies and other organizations who work with natural resource issues.


Plant Materials Center

The Plant Materials Center is administered by a five member administrative board, which is appointed by the President of WACD