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Providing high quality conservation grade plants, shrubs and services that benefit natural resources. The 60 acre non-profit bareroot nursery, located in Skagit County, produces over 70 species of quality conservation seedlings and cuttings.  Many species are available as a 1 or 2 year seedlings or as a transplant.  Contract growing is available to clients requiring specific species and stock type.

Featured Plants: Serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) and Red Flowering Currant (Ribes sanguineum

We have beautiful crops of Serviceberry and Red Flowering Currant, as well as several other Northwest native trees and shrubs, growing merrily in our field. These will provide lovely spring flowers which benefit pollinators, followed by berries that are adored by birds.  

Preliminary estimates of plant availability can be found here, and we're accepting wholesale orders now for winter 2017-2018 shipping. 

Thank you for your ongoing partnership in restoring habitats!  

left: red flowering currant
below: serviceberry
Find a Conservation District office near you!

The Plant Materials Center is a wholesale only nursery. For more information about the availability of our plants in small quantities, please contact your local Conservation District Office.  See the map above or click here for contact information for the District offices for Washington State. Many of these offices have native plant sales every spring.

Conservation District Plant Sale dates for spring 2018


Districts also provide fabulous services to landowners on a voluntary basis with conservation programs such as CREP, forestry planning, irrigation efficiency, landscaping for fire prevention, and other conservation and sustainable land management techniques. Often they can connect you with technical help, service providers, and even funding options for your conservation project.